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Our Mafia deck will contain 72 cards (see current list of cards here, subject to minor changes), and comes with a rule book (including a number of suggested open and semi-open setups), and a deck box to hold it all.

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Shipping to US and Canada is included in the price of the card deck. If you are international, please choose the number of decks you are purchasing in the item below and add to your cart. If you are purchasing a larger quantity, please contact me directly - shipping cost above 5 decks will be $3 per deck.

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If you have previously donated to the site, I will honor a $5 discount to your order. You can either contact me directly so that I can bill you the correct amount, or you can go ahead and order through this form and let me know so that I can refund the $5. Plesae provide the name associated with the donation, and the transaction ID if you have it available, as this will make confirmation much easier on my end.

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